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Headless Browsing and UI testing Automation : A nightmare

Do you ever need to use the web using your code instead of a web browser? That's what we call Headless Browsing. The prime application for headless browsing is Automate the UI testing flow. Some other applications I can think of is keeping track of some rates of particular items from some sites on daily basis, visiting some website for views (If you are using google products you might not want to use this as google have set strict policy for this), parsing data from other sites. So, the main purpose of headless browser  Test automation in modern web applications. Taking screenshots of web pages. Running automated tests for JavaScript libraries. Scraping web sites for data. Automating interaction of web pages. How you can achieve this with node.js? Nightmare , don't get scared it's just a name of a node package. So, you to just need to install nightmare in your project like this, npm install nightmare Let's just write a script for logging in