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Points to keep in mind while developing Email Templates

I have come to know that in frontend development Email Template designing is a kind of headache for those who don't know how to code the HTML perfectly. There are many things to keep in mind if you're designing an Email template, from the basic difference between a static webpage and an email template or how will email service providers render your template. So, here are the points you must keep in mind: 1. Use Table instead of div Most of the email clients are not supporting the div structure on top of the body, the render engine mishandles your style. Instead of that, you must use the table tag, which should be the first element in the body.  So, dived your classic div structured into rows and columns for the email. For the best-case scenario, use one column UI. 2. Use inline-css Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo remove your HTML & head tag to resolve the conflict between their own tags. So, if you are using external css or internal css then it will be excluded, to over