Live Game Streaming on YouTube

Hello Guys, Today I gonna talk about how to stream your mobile gameplay to YouTube Gaming. Nowadays, PUBG (PlayerUnknown's BattleGround) is the most trending mobile game. Many Pro players upload/stream their gameplay to YouTube and earn money through monetization.
Ok. Let's start. First of all Download YouTube Gaming App.
After download, open the app and create/choose your google account for your YouTube channel. If you're a new user then you have to wait for 24 hours until you stream your gameplay (YouTube need to activate your account).
Now Just click on the first icon(streaming icon) on the top left corner and this screen will appear:
Click Next and select Stream if you want to live stream your gameplay or Record if you want to save the video to your phone and upload it later. Select the video format you want to upload/stream.

Click next, you'll see a tips screen, read it and click next.

Now, Select the game you want to stream or record. Add the stream info, i.e. stream name and stream description. Then click next.

If you're streaming the gameplay, you'll see the share link screen to social media. Select if you want to share it to any social media platform and click next.

Now, you'll see your game running on your device with a small video bar and a panel with buttons like mute voice, turn off video and start streaming. When you're ready to click on stream button and you're live. There is a settings button that will help you to change the size of the little round screen of your video.

PS: You need a very fast internet connection for the live streaming game.
Happy Playing PUBG.
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