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Electron app with AngularJs and MySQL Database

Hello folks,  Do you know about Electron API (a GitHub repository, helping a web developer to make standalone cross-platform app)? The electron can make any web app to Desktop Application in all three major OS (i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux). Okay, enough intro about Electron, let's move on Problem... So, if you are an Angular Developer and you want to make a Desktop app having a database in MySQL, you came to right place!  The Directory structure should look like this : AngularElectronMySQL ->      -Electron      -WebApp (Angular app)      -Setup So, First Initialize your Angular project using angular-cli  (you can use also build it simply). Here, I am assuming that you completed your Angular Project and Built it. Just one more thing add a data-service for getting data from MySQL. Subscribe to the MySQL server (for our case: http://localhost:1024). After that, you need to copy the files from the built project to electron folder. I used npm like this :  Now, for Electr