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Arrange Marriage = Online Shopping

Hey guys, how are you all? Yeah, I know came after a while but came with a witty post you might like. Enjoy. So, I thought everyone done online shopping once in their lifespan. Right??  If No, you already did arrange marriage and that is kind of same!! Let see through the scenario, step by step. I'm writing arrange marriage as AM for short! Step 1: open your account While shopping you have to sign up for the account for the respective site. Same in AM, you have to prepare your self to do the process. So basically you either goto any marriage bureau or go through any matrimonial advertisement or by actually sign up on online websites for matchmaking!! Kind of same right?? 藍 Anyways moving to next step... Step 2: search and filter items Assume that you want to buy a mobile phone! So, you search for mobile and add some filters like budget, manufacturer, RAM/ROM, Camera etc. Well, you kinda do same in AM, you make up your mind for a particular life partner wi