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Clean database and re-sync it with a couple of clicks

So what is the boring part of the Developing a Web app? Testing!! yeah! Build a test case and then for each case clean up the database and re-create one. Doing this every time blown up anyone's mind. For some relief, MySql workbench does the synchronization of database fast. But still dropping all the table from phpMyAdmin MySQL database is a headache. Can we do it with just a couple of clicks? Yeah sure! you just need to write a couple of batch programs and execute them in a sequence. So, Let's do that!! We should begin with dropping all the tables and views from the database. Open Notepad or Notepad++ Then write a SQL query for getting the names of all the tables from the database and a Drop query sequence for all the tables with a semicolon(;), write the code shown below and save that file with .sql extension. Write similar code for the views as shown below, Now again create a new notepad for batch code, write the code below and do

Life : Fair or Unfair

Some say life is beautiful. Some say life sucks and full of problems. I think life is a movie. When hero/heroine comes we clap. When hero and villain fights and at some point hero is losing the battle, we feel sad (even the heroin). So life is uncertain and a mixture of problems and awesomeness. We grow up and learn new things, make some friends for life long. We didn’t dream of leaving them for a day and certainly, the day comes when all left apart, promising each other to reunite in future. The hardest feeling is when we meet our friends group/family after so long time and we literally have some good times together and making memories, suddenly it ends too and we feel lonely again. We think life is so unfair at this point. We’re living in the memories we made. We all move on and finding someone who fills up that blanks in our lives and we wish that if that happiness is coming then it should never go back. When the right moment comes we find the perfect life partner to fulfi